MATH- The demonic entity


Heart leaping out of chest, blood pressure rising, sweat dripping down the forehead while the pen stayed trembling in the hands, staring at the notebook’s blank pages. This was the effect of TRYING to do MATH.

Since the time math was designed (by the hands of the devil himself of course), it has made students like me cry and curse our fates and question God that what had we ever done to anybody to deserve such a magnified form of punishment that stayed in our lives for at least 10-12 years.

For a long long time, the student race has been subjected to unspeakable forms of torture at the hands of the demonic entity, known to mankind as mathematics. Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. Many students all over the world find mathematics ‘not so easy’. I had a cycle of emotions at play before, during and after a math paper which usually involved, crying, blankly staring at walls and crying some more. But now that math and I have parted our ways, realizing that there was no point of being in an abusive relationship, I now understand what I was so scared of. It has been two blissful years, and now come to think of it, I never really gave math a chance, or the time it needed. So at some point it’s my fault too.

Unlike other subjects, math doesn’t seem to interest most of us. It doesn’t tell us about Tom Sawyer whitewashing his fence or about Alice falling down the rabbit hole, It doesn’t tell us about pharaohs and kings and empires, it doesn’t tell us what evolution is or that everything around is made up of atoms and molecules. It is just a bunch of numbers crammed up together with alphabets and sometimes JUST alphabets (Oh the horror! )that we are supposed to bring to a required answer. How does it expect us to be interested?

Two years have passed and I still get jittery and queasy at the thought of solving a sum. Then again my fear is my mistake. Math, like every other subject, needs time, patience, practice. I gave it none of the above like most of us. But is it really our fault for not “liking” a subject? We can only force ourselves to a certain extent to do anything. We can’t force ourselves to like something we simply don’t. Knowing a basic level of math is important, i am not denying that, but that doesn’t mean I have to spend my life trying to do trigonometry or integrating/differentiating any equation, that God forbid, I come across.

None of us should study anything we don’t like because that results in complete repulsion towards the subject and our opinions become biased. I can vouch that this indeed is a fact.

So if you are a person like me, whose worst nightmares are number and alphabets or unknown values of ‘x’ screaming at you “solve me! solve me!”, I say to you, or rather, I assure you, you’re not the only one. But I guess it is our fault for feeding this demon with our fear. So let us all pick up our pens and slay this demon and let him know that his presence doesn’t scare us anymore.



P.S: Yeah I got a semester of math this semester in college so looks like I’ll be meeting the demon again. So good luck to me and to you all! 🙂


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