Leave me alone!!

You’re sitting, don’t feel like talking, every second thing irritates you, you’re feeling low and there is absolutely nothing wrong! So, what’s up with you? Nothing, it’s just one of those days.

It is normal to feel low sometimes and people need to understand that. We can’t be cheerful all 365 days. Sometimes we need a day or two to just deal with our thoughts, deal with ourselves. Nobody pissed us off, no we aren’t angry with anyone, we just want to be left alone, stop pestering us with your constant unwanted comfort. You see us sitting there, already kind of snappy, leave us alone! Why irritate us and give us reason to shout at you? You see us sitting there, by ourselves and you start wondering, “he/she has been perfectly alright nothing’s wrong with them then why are they sitting like that?”, if you’re thinking this, you are right, there is nothing wrong with us or in our life so, just walk away. We won’t be mad at you for not asking us those formality based questions. We would rather be glad that you understand us enough to know when we need time to ourselves. 

For God’s sake, even Superman has a fortress of solitude; if the man of steel feels the need to be left alone sometimes with his thoughts and enjoy the solitude then so do we!

We all need sometimes to ourselves to reflect on our thoughts, to think about the things we do or the things we have done. We may even appear to be sad but that sadness is ours to deal with and nobody else’s. Instead of smothering anyone with your concerns try to understand when a particular person needs there space. You may not know this, but we will be grateful for the understanding on your part. 

We’d be back to our normal selves in in a day or two, so don’t worry, because it just was, one of those days. 🙂


Must You ALWAYS Cross Your Eyes And Dot All Your Teas?? YES!

One of the best things I have read so far!

Once Upon Your Prime

photo-253 Here is a fact:  If you have OCD (Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder) or are a Perfectionist or even just Superstitious,  (heaven help you if you’re all three!) you will waste spend a lot more time on your blog than the typical person.  There are even sub-sets of related problems that bloggers can develop and not ever realize they are afflicted.  Read on to see if you recognize yourself in any of these 10 maladies.

1.  The Compulsive Commenter Syndrome (extra 10 minutes)  Before you leave a comment on someone else’s blog, you absolutely MUST read what other readers have already said about it, otherwise you could duplicate their remarks or just sound terribly boring in comparison.  Add on another ten minutes if the person’s blog already has over twenty comments.

2.  The Crime of the Rhyme – – (extra 8 minutes)  You get caught up in rhyming, especially your titles. Kind of…

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Misunderstood Monday



Made fun of, hated on, being the butt of all kinds of jokes; poor, poor Monday. Now it isn’t his fault that he happens to come just after weekends.

Frankly, we all hate Mondays. Enjoying two days of peace or partying and then waking up early and going to work with our faces dropped down, feeling sleepy and drowsy. We hate it, heck! Even our most favorite cat Garfield hates it. As the Sunday draws to an end, a feeling of panic sets in, we suddenly remember all the work that is due and start thinking about all those weekdays ahead of us and just pray for Friday to come. It’s 1:00 am and we’re still awake, fretting the morning ahead of us and just as our eyes close, the shrill ringing of the alarm clock wakes us up and thus begins the never ending, gloomy Monday. We drag ourselves out from the comfortable arms of our darling bed who still wants to cuddle with us, and somehow make it up to the washroom and take a bath, put on our uniforms/suits maybe catch up on breakfast and off we are. Still tired and irritated and cursing Monday. We reach our destinations and thus commence the never ending day.


 Let us take a review of what we did. We slept late, so obviously we are tired the next day, less sleep makes us cranky and snappy then why are we blaming Monday? The truth is, none of us likes to believe that we can be wrong. Come on, which one of us has made a mistake and thought at the very first instant “oh that must be our fault.” It’s human nature to try to put the blame on to somebody else and so we do even if it happens to be a day.

Okay, now let’s think about it from another perspective, had it been Tuesday that came after Sunday or even Friday, we would have hated it too. So come to think about it, we don’t really hate poor Monday, we hate the idea of any day which comes after holidays and vacations.

The truth is, none of us wants to work and none of us wants to wake up early by choice. We do it because we have to. Whether it is waking up early for school or college, to get a good education or going to our jobs, because we need to earn or to tend to our kids so that they can be on time, we are doing it all for ourselves and yet hating on a day who is just helping us getting started up for the rest of the week. Now is it really fair on our part to hate it?

Of course, we might not come to love it like our darlings Fridays and Saturdays but at least we could give it some credit for helping us. So let us all welcome Monday with open arm!! Um okay, maybe not, but at least we can try to be more accepting of it and find our very own ways to deal with it because let’s face it, Mondays aren’t going anywhere!