Leave me alone!!

You’re sitting, don’t feel like talking, every second thing irritates you, you’re feeling low and there is absolutely nothing wrong! So, what’s up with you? Nothing, it’s just one of those days.

It is normal to feel low sometimes and people need to understand that. We can’t be cheerful all 365 days. Sometimes we need a day or two to just deal with our thoughts, deal with ourselves. Nobody pissed us off, no we aren’t angry with anyone, we just want to be left alone, stop pestering us with your constant unwanted comfort. You see us sitting there, already kind of snappy, leave us alone! Why irritate us and give us reason to shout at you? You see us sitting there, by ourselves and you start wondering, “he/she has been perfectly alright nothing’s wrong with them then why are they sitting like that?”, if you’re thinking this, you are right, there is nothing wrong with us or in our life so, just walk away. We won’t be mad at you for not asking us those formality based questions. We would rather be glad that you understand us enough to know when we need time to ourselves. 

For God’s sake, even Superman has a fortress of solitude; if the man of steel feels the need to be left alone sometimes with his thoughts and enjoy the solitude then so do we!

We all need sometimes to ourselves to reflect on our thoughts, to think about the things we do or the things we have done. We may even appear to be sad but that sadness is ours to deal with and nobody else’s. Instead of smothering anyone with your concerns try to understand when a particular person needs there space. You may not know this, but we will be grateful for the understanding on your part. 

We’d be back to our normal selves in in a day or two, so don’t worry, because it just was, one of those days. 🙂


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