Stand up.

We talk about so many things. End number of debates about what’s happening in the world. We’ll sit and discuss what is wrong with the society and how some people are wrong for doing a particular thing. We like Facebook posts that talk about such injustice and prejudices and what not but what about actually standing up for something happening right in front of us or something that may even involve us? Think about it, how many times do we actually stand up for something we feel is wrong, something happening right in front of us. Does one speak up?
Think. The answer is NO. One doesn’t. Reasons? “Not my problem”, ” It’ll sort itself out”, “Dusre ke phatay mein kaun pade” (Translation: why meddle with something that doesn’t concern us). Sure, everyone is ready to stand by and witness everything happening, because that doesn’t require any efforts at all! But does one speak up? No. But sure, everyone will like those Facebook posts talking about respect and equality and write tremendously long comments ridden with such passionate wording that just tugs at the hearts. Hidden in the veil of annonimity, that’s when one chooses to actually speak up, on a post, about a stranger, to a bunch of other stranger. How about speaking up as yourself in front of people who you know! It might not be easy. Sometimes it will be people we know, maybe our friends or even family. That shouldn’t be a reason to shy away but rather it is all the more reason to speak up and make the person realise what they’ve said or done. And this shouldn’t be taken as an insult or an attempt to make them feel bad. The fact is one will try to make you see their view point only if you matter to that person. So understand that.

But what i dont get is that why is everyone so scared to stand up for what is right? How did we all end up here? How have we become tolerant of things that ought not to be tolerated?
And it just doesn’t end here. Nobody speaks up when the situation demands, most people don’t; of course there are a few who will, no one is denying that but then they are also the ones who’ll be chided later about what they said or what they did. And God forbid, does the actual person in question (who’s being wronged) speaks up for themselves, that will be “over reacting to the situation”. Standing up for one self is not over reacting.
Be it a man, woman or child, anyone can be wronged at any time and it wouldn’t matter, there will always be people witnessing and doing nothing about it. So here’s my message to anyone who’s stuck with me till here, stop tolerating! If you find something to be wrong SPEAK UP and don’t ever think that standing up for someone else ” isn’t your problem “, it might not be your problem today but it might be tomorrow.
And whatever happens, be there for yourself, when nobody is speaking for you, have the courage to do it yourself because it is rightly said, ” You’ve got to be your own hero because everyone is trying to save themselves ”

-A dedication to someone who stood up for themselves. šŸ™‚


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