Bio: I am a final year Delhi University student, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Zoology from Dyal Singh College. I enjoy reading novels and love to write. I am a hardcore Batman and Tolkien fan. A couch potato, my weekend plans include sitting in front of the television and binge watching T.V shows while devouring junk food.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! I love what you wrote here. I can see that you’ve actually been “done with your teens” for a while now. You write with a wisdom beyond your years. Thanks so much for finding me so I could retrace the breadcrumbs back to your blog and explore. Really nice job. It’s a common feeling to think, “Nobody gets me” isn’t it? I just turned 50 and still feel it OFTEN. Oh well. All the people who think, “Nobody gets me” probably “get each other!” Thanks again.

    • Aww thank you so much. Well I had been feeling this a lot lately so I thought why not give it a juvenile try. I am really glad you liked it. I honestly LOVED your “The lame name blame shame game” post. 😀

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