Oh Society

Don’t do that, what will people say. Don’t wear that, people will think of you badly. Do you really want people to say that about you? 

Well you must be wondering who these “people” are; no, they aren’t your family members, they aren’t your friends, they aren’t even your distant relatives. These special “people” are random strangers walking down the road, passing by you, who you won’t probably be seeing ever again. And of course we were put on this planet to please them and make sure we live up to THEIR expectations and live our lives according to them. You ask why? Why silly you, because they’re the society and it is SO important to be what the society wants you to be and live by their rules. Your life? Oh, my dear that’s the mistake, you THINK because it is your life you get to make the decisions? No no, you have absolutely NO right whatsoever about what you do, what you wear, how you walk, how to talk.

Individuality? Originality? Oh God no! We all need to be clones who live by the same set of rules so that we can please random people because let’s face it, it is ALL about what they want. There is no such thing as individuality. Now, this society will tell you that you should live your dreams and be whoever you want to be but it’s just them being polite you should know that. Don’t you know? Any change from the regular is bad! A new idea is a sin. Oh to think of it! The society’s mindset won’t change, I mean why should it? for it is the ultimate word handed to them by Lord Judgementalus himself! If society says that wearing short dresses makes you a slut, then of course it does, if they say being gay is a sin, they are right, (Duh! Lord Judgementalus’ words: “If thou art not straight thou shan’t have a right to equality”. Lord Judgementalus 6:9.  Mind you the words are directly quoted from the Holy textbook of society, the Bulshiticus itself) , if you’re fat you can’t be beautiful how can you be? It doesn’t matter what a person is on the inside ALL that matters is what shows on the outside, Tattoos are satanic? You are damn right they are because we all know how ink is used in ALL satanic rituals.

In short, everything you do HAS to be according to society because if it isn’t they’ll break you down. They’ll make you feel like an outsider, make fun of you for being different, you’ll be pointed at, made fun of and ultimately be molded to become one of them as it is.

So why bother being unique? Why bother changing the mindset? What difference will it make? Make people a little broad minded, psht! Who wants THAT. It might make people open up to new ideas you say, why what’s wrong with the old, orthodox, sexist, racist ideas we have been following all these years?

It’s time for a change you say? Then stop letting society change you, let’s stop compromising and stand up not only for ourselves but for others as well. Let’s just stop cribbing and do something as an individual because a change starts small. And show this so called “society” the power of a single idea.

world revolution


Am I perfect now?


Late night studying, few hours of sleep, *wakes up*, bathe, *skips breakfast* (Might go fat), makeup time, foundation, concealer, liner, mascara, lipstick, hair-straightening, *changes a million outfits* Stands in front of society:

Perfect. What is this perfect? What is my definition of perfect might not be the same as someone else’s For me a perfect looking girl might have straight, long hair. For someone else she might have short curls.  When the word itself can’t decide what it is meant to be, how does the society expect us to be this word?

What is perfection? I question again. Is it being skinny? If so, then why are the skinny girls being called anorexic while at the same time others are being labelled as “fat”? Everyday thousands of girls are skipping meals. They’re living in this constant fear that if they eat one full meal they’ll become “fat” and be rejected by their peer group and be ridiculed at because this is in fact the present day reality, sadly. Fashion conscious mothers are subjecting their daughters to cosmetic surgeries out of this fear of rejection to meet today’s unrealistic beauty standards, to get them to be “perfect”


Now, if by some miracle, you have the “society approved perfect body”, it’ll be something else that won’t be perfect. It maybe your skin, your nose, your eyes, your height. If there are 50 people complimenting there is one person who finds some fault. And then life becomes a series of processes, trying to render that “fault” away, to conceal it, and somehow reach “perfect” again. Once this one person is satisfied, there is another one with some other fault because again his definition of perfect would be something else.

The world’s depiction of perfect is so unreal that it has left millions of girls doubting themselves. It has made then so self conscious that today 15-16 years old think a hundred times before consuming a snack which reads ‘carbs’ or ‘fats’ And just FYI, those teen fashion magazines aren’t much help either. It at one place there is an ad saying “Love your body as it is” then why is there a photoshopped, skinny model next to it? Does that mean THAT is how a normal everyday girl is supposed to look like? If that is so, then I am way beyond “normal”

Perfection has become an obsession. It is all about trying to impress. Either through your pictures which spend hours on photoshop before being uploaded in order to be molded in that “perfect” picture, or through ourselves by subjecting our face, our body to heaps and heaps of synthetic, chemical cosmetic products.

What are we all obsessing over this much? There is no ugly, there is no beautiful. It is the society which has manipulated us to such an extent that we doubt ourselves every time we scrape through the magazines.

How can someone achieve something that isn’t even static, that isn’t the same to everyone. We all doubt ourselves at some point, we all question ourselves and that is OKAY! Self criticism is good too but only as long as we do not turn it into an everyday chore. 🙂

To hell with what the society thinks. Let us all be our definition of perfect. Because we all are special in our very own way.